Our Story

AIM True Arts facilitates fun and exciting art and improvisational theatrical experiences for children.  Activities are designed to help children harness their power of creativity and imagination by providing an uplifting environment where they are free to express themselves in positive & constructive ways.  With role-play activities at the center of our methodology, camps and workshops are designed to encourage confidence and help each child bring out his/her artist-within. 

We ARE "art and imagination in motion"...aiming true just for you! 

Our Faculty

Mariah Johnson...

Mariah Johnson is a choreographer, make-up artist, and actor.  She studied classical ballet with the Shenandoah Civic Dance Company and was a featured "prima" in several classic performances.  She attend Piedmont Virginia Community College for a degree specializing in dance. Mariah’s dance career focus has been to explore the study of expression through dance, interpreting stories through the art of movement.  From classical to contemporary, avant garde to folk & comedic her inventive approach and agility have delighted many an audience.  Mariah enjoys all aspects of performance from working behind the scenes to in front of the camera or an audience.  She is currently the dance instructor at the Village School, Charlottesville and has choreographed and designed makeup for several stage shows at Four County Players, Live Arts, and Play On! Theater, as well as annually choreographing for children’s theater in New York.  Her skill as a S-FX make-up artist has also been featured at the Virginia Film Festival as well as in many feature films and commercials. 


Sherri Smith...

Sherri L. Smith believes that children are supremely capable of absorbing and using knowledge from our complex world.  With freedom, respect and nurturing support, children have a powerful drive to self-direct their own learning; the result being children who direct their own education and indeed, their own futures.  Sherri owns Lander Creative, a consultancy dedicated to the establishment of trust-based business cultures and the expansions of entrepreneurship, community collaborations, creative pursuits, and re-thinking education.  An educator of children and adults since 1989, Sherri is the owner/author of the GeniusCenter.com, a free education resource for parents and educators based on the belief that "all children have genius."  Sherri teaches at the Tandem Friends School Spectrum Summer program in Charlottesville, VA, where she features her innovative learning program "Box City - Creative Cardboard Civics" © 1996-2020, among a wide variety of art and theater workshops.  


AIM True Arts ("Art and Imagination in Motion") is a program of The Genius Center, LLC, (www.GeniusCenter.com ). The Genius Center is a free, online education resource, for parents and educators, based on the belief that "all children have genius."